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APRIL /MAY 2013 ISSUE 93 GREEN AMERICAN LIVE BETTER. SAVE MORE. INVEST WISELY. MAKE A D IFFERENC E. INSIDE 5 Victory again! Hershey makes more promises on child labor Sickeningly Sweet Twenty-two teaspoons of sugar. That's how much the average American consumes each day. Is it killing us? Page 14 REAL GREEN iNVESTING 6 HOW TO FIND A RESPONSIBLE CREDIT CARD REAL GREEN LIVING 8 herb How Many Teaspoons Should You Have? gardening for the health of it 12 NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC CAVES TO PRESSURE e-Edition Exclusive 4 Eco actions 11 GREEN BUSINESS NEWS 12 Across green america 24 LETTERS & advice THE GMO SUGAR STORY p.22 Also inside: How Fair Trade is Helping Global Sugar Workers Are Any Sugar Substitutes Healthy? 9 Tips to Break Your Sugar Habit

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