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GREEN AMERICAN INSIDE DOES YOUR CREDIT CARD SUPPORT BIG COAL? 6 THE SHAME OF NATIVE STEREOTYPES AS TEAM MASCOTS 8 WHAT'S YOUR CLIMATE "FOODPRINT"? 16 REAL GREEN iNVESTING REAL GREEN LIVING 4 ECO ACTIONS 5 ACROSS GREEN AMERICA 15 GREEN BUSINESS NEWS 26 LETTERS & ADVICE VICTORY: APPLE TO REMOVE TOXINS FROM FACTORIES 5 FALL 2014 ISSUE 99 L I V E B E T T E R . S A V E M O R E . I N V E S T W I S E L Y . M A K E A D I F F E R E N C E . Don't Have a Cow Americans eat too much red meat—with tremen- dous impacts on our health, our environment, and the climate crisis. It's time to tell everyone you know to eat less beef—or none at all. Page 16 Photo by Sebastian Knight / Shutterstock

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