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Green American #104, Winter 2015

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1 WINTER 2015 GREEN AMERICAN GREENAMERIC A.ORG INSIDE DEPLORABLE CONDITIONS IN CHINESE TOY FACTORIES 4 2015 GREEN AMERICA VICTORIES 16 4 ECO ACTIONS 13 GREEN BUSINESS NEWS 14 ACROSS GREEN AMERICA 30 LETTERS & ADVICE REAL GREEN LIVING UPCYCLED GREEN GIFTS FOR THE HOLIDAYS 7 GREEN AMERICAN WINTER 2015 ISSUE 104 L I V E B E T T E R . S A V E M O R E . I N V E S T W I S E L Y . M A K E A D I F F E R E N C E . Soil Not Oil How Organics Can Feed the World Dr. Vandana Shiva on how preserving healthy soil is key to curbing climate change, feeding the world, and lifting up the poor. (page 19) WHY INVESTING IN WOMEN PAYS OFF 10 REAL GREEN INVESTING Photo by AGF s.r.l. / Rex Features / AP Images

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