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Green American #106, Summer 2016

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GREEN AMERICAN L I V E B E T T E R . S A V E M O R E . I N V E S T W I S E L Y . M A K E A D I F F E R E N C E . SUMMER 2016 ISSUE 106 Rethinking Recycling Sonae Fujii is ready to help residents of Kamikatsu, Japan, sort their recyclables into 34 categories at the town's recycling center. Photo by Robert Gilhooly / Alamy Stock Photo 10 REAL GREEN INVESTING 8 REAL GREEN LIVING 6 4 PUSHING COMPANIES TO CARE ABOUT RECYCLING THE TIPPING POINT IS HERE ON GMOS! CIVILITY IN A POLARIZED WORLD NEW TOXINS BILL AN IMPROVEMENT ... SORT OF Countries around the world are recycling from 50 to 80 percent of their trash. The US sits at 34 percent. How can we step it up? (page 11)

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