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GREENPAGES 2013 NATIONAL In this Socially Responsible Investing section of Green America's National Green Pages®, we've joined forces with the US SIF: SOCIAL LY RESPONSIBLE INVESTING When The Forum on Sustainable and Responsible Investing (formerly the Social Investment Forum) to bring you the most comprehensive listing of social investment practitioners, products, and services. Financial— Banks & Credit Unions This category includes federally insured credit unions and community development banks that focus their lending on underserved communities and populations. It also includes commercial banks that promote social and environmental responsibility through financing policies. Community development banks and credit unions are examples of Community Development Financial Institutions that have a mission to rebuild economically struggling communities. Franklin National Bank 0001231533 FRANKLIN NATIONAL BANK 525 Washington Ave. N. "At Franklin Bank, we have a mission. ... Well, actually, it's a passion for improving the urban community. Our vision is to be the leader in improving the urban community. Every day we work hard to find new ways to use our resources to improve life in urban Minneapolis. We believe social responsibility based on solid partnerships is vital for the success of our communities. We embrace diversity and support the individuals, businesses, and nonprofit organizations who work tirelessly to create jobs, build affordable housing, help individuals reach their goals, and improve the quality of life for all of us. We are a locally owned, CDFI-certified community bank, offering all the financial tools you need. Partner with us, and together we can accomplish great things!" nikki@sunrisebanks.com www.franklinbankmpls.com Minneapolis, MN 55401 P (651)259-2221 F (651)259-2231 GreenChoice Bank 0001258810 GreenChoice Bank 2545 W. Diversey Ave., Ste. 106 / Chicago, IL 60647 P (773)799-9400 F (773)644-6110 Community bank providing a better choice for consumers and businesses, with core values emphasizing the environmental, social, and financial well-being of our communities and planet. ssherman@greenchoicebank.com www.greenchoicebank.com Hope Credit Union 0000009157 HOPE CREDIT UNION 4 Old River Pl. A community development credit union that partners with Hope Enterprise Corporation and converts federally insured deposits into mortgage, consumer, and business loans and personal financial services for low-wealth communities. info@hope-ec.org www.hopecu.org Jackson, MS 39202-3434 Metro Bank 0000009117 METRO BANK 2901 W. Broadway T (866)273-8562 P (502)775-2521 Louisville, KY 40211 "Our mission: to revitalize the economy of impoverished inner-city neighborhoods in Louisville, KY. We accomplish this by making developmental loans that build businesses and restore homes. We also offer certificates of deposit at competitive rates. In ten years, we have made over $49 million in loans, which created or saved over 1,300 jobs." • Account Minimum: $200 certificates. info@morethanabank.com www.morethanabank.com Market rates. Member FDIC. Equal housing lender. F (502)775-5232 GreenAmerica.org R B Green Your Money Tip AUTOMATIC SAVINGS: THE BEST WAY For most of us, the best way to save is to pay yourself first and set up an automatic savings plan—a specific amount of money goes right from your paycheck or checking account into your savings. There are two basic ways to begin saving automatically: Have the money automatically transferred from your checking account to the savings account of your choice. Have the money automatically transferred from your paycheck to the savings account of your choice. In either case, you choose where to direct your savings. National Federation of Community Development Credit Uni 0000009176 NATIONAL FEDERATION OF COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT CREDIT UNIONS CDFI providing capital, advocacy, and technical assistance to credit unions that serve predominantly low-income communities. Community Development Investment Program accepts funds from social investors and channels proceeds to community development credit unions through insured deposits, 39 Broadway, Rm. 2140 New York, NY 10006-3063 P (212)809-1850 F (212)809-3274 loans, and grants. CDCU Secondary Market purchases mortgages and will repackage into bundles for investors. crosenthal@cdcu.coop www.cdcu.coop New Resource Bank 0001259208 T (866)843-3358 P (601)944-1100 F (601)944-0808 A LEADER OF THE GREEN BUSINESS NETWORK™ NEW RESOURCE BANK 405 Howard St., Ste. 110 San Francisco, CA 94105 Special Financial Section you invest in socially responsible stocks, mutual funds, and community investments, you can enjoy competitive returns while putting your savings and investments to work creating a more just and sustainable economy. Turn to the financial advisors, money managers, community banks and credit unions, mutual funds, and others listed in this section to help with your social investing goals. All those listed in this section are Socially Responsible Investing (SRI) practitioners and members of Green America's Green Business Network™ and US SIF. Before making any investment, please remember to ask for a prospectus and, if you have one, consult your financial or investment advisor. If you seek SRI practitioners, products, or services from organizations primarily devoted to SRI, be sure to ask about ownership and SRI commitment of the parent company or affiliated organization as you gather information. Park Midway Bank 0001231534 PARK MIDWAY BANK 2300 Como Ave. Saint Paul, MN 55108 Park Midway Bank is a St. Paul-owned and -managed community institution, founded in 1916. Since its outset, the bank has been considered "the leader in improving our urban community." Park Midway Bank is a certified CDFI bank and a preferred SBA lender, providing scores of Minnesota small businesses with financing every year. Park Midway customers also help small businesses in distressed communities through investing in Park Midway's Socially Responsible Deposit Fund. nikki@sunrisebanks.com www.parkmidwaybank.com P (651)259-2221 F (651)259-2231 Permaculture Credit Union 0001010551 Permaculture Credit Union P.O. Box 29300 / Santa Fe, NM 87592-9300 T (866)954-3479 P (505)954-3479 F (505)424-1624 Mission-driven credit union that pools the financial resources of people who believe in the ethics of permaculture. pcustaff@pcuonline.org Santa Cruz Community Credit Union 0001030930 SANTA CRUZ COMMUNITY CREDIT UNION 324 Front St. Santa Cruz, CA 95060-4506 www.pcuonline.org A Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI), the credit union actively supports sound financial management among its members, social impact through access to capital, and environmental stewardship. sheilas@scruzccu.org www.scruzccu.org Give a gift of stock P (831)460-2342 F (831)426-6669 "Our mission is to advance sustainability with everything we do—-the loans we make, the way we operate, and our commitment to putting deposits to work for good." Contact Gary Groff. gary.groff@newresourcebank.com www.newresourcebank.com P (415)995-8100 F (866)252-8022 One PacificCoast Bank 0001261725 A LEADER OF THE GREEN BUSINESS NETWORK™ ONE PACIFICCOAST BANK 1438 Webster St., Ste. 100 "Serving its customers since 1997, One PacificCoast Bank is the first commercial bank in the US with a commitment to sustainable community development. Open an EcoDeposits checking, IRA, or CD account, and promote conservation in Oakland, CA 94612 T (866)550-1225 P (510)550-8400 F (510)550-8440 the Pacific Northwest." N See Ad on page 1. cwick@opcb.com www.onepacificcoastbank.com Your gift of stock to Green America helps build a fair and sustainable economy that serves people and the planet ... ... and giving stock is easy! Together, we tell the world every day that it's our economic transactions that create a sustainable economy. That's especially true for stock gifts that benefit Green America. It's a great way to give to a cause you care about without having it come out of your cash or regular income. For more info, call 202/872-5349 or e-mail GiveStock@greenamerica.org 20th Edition of Green America's 2013 National Green Pages® 101 Special Financial Section

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