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Financial—Banks & Credit Unions Business/Organizational Financing & Venture Capital Checks and Credit Cards Green America VISA Credit Card from OnePacificCoast Start saving as much as you can right now. Green Your Money Tip Self-Help Credit Union 0000009056 SELF-HELP CREDIT UNION P.O. Box 3619 Durham, NC 27702 Boston Community Capital 0000009134 "Self-Help is a community development lender providing responsible financing to low-wealth families, women, people of color, and rural residents. Our consumer, home, small business, and nonprofit loans are funded in part by federally insured accounts in our credit unions. We offer market- rate CDs (including products supporting green initiatives and women and children), money-market, IRA, or savings accounts." Self-Help has offices in NC, DC, and CA. N See Ad on page 103. • Account Minimum: $25 IRAs; $500 money market; $500 CD. depositinfo@self-help.org www.self-help.org University National Bank 0001036446 UNIVERSITY NATIONAL BANK 200 University Ave. W. University National Bank's mission is to be the leader in improving our urban community. As the first certified CDFI bank in Minnesota, University Bank has a track record of providing innovative and flexible financial products to the Twin Cities' urban core. University offers a Socially Responsible Deposit Fund that targets investments directly into affordable housing, small business development, and community facilities in distressed communities. N See Ad on this page. • Account Minimum: Varies by deposit account. www.universitybank.com Saint Paul, MN 55103 P (651)259-2221 F (651)259-2231 T (800)966-SELF P (919)956-4400 F (919)956-4604 BOSTON COMMUNITY CAPITAL 56 Warren St. Founded by socially responsible investors in 1985. Builds healthy communities through socially responsible lending and investment. Has invested over $500 million in low-income communities across the US, creating affordable housing, quality jobs, child care, youth programs, and community services. • Account Minimum: $1,000. jbrooks@bostoncommunitycapital.org www.bostoncommunitycapital.org Calvert Ventures 0000009323 Calvert Ventures 1715 18th St. NW Community Development Venture Capital Alliance 0001028230 COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT VENTURE CAPITAL ALLIANCE Promotes use of the tools of venture capital to create jobs, entrepreneurial capacity, and wealth to advance the livelihoods of low-income people and the economies of distressed communities. cdvca@cdvca.org www.cdvca.org National Community Investment Fund 0001225532 NATIONAL COMMUNITY INVESTMENT FUND 135 S La Salle St., Ste. 2040 P (312)881-5826 Chicago, IL 60603-4299 A nonprofit that invests private capital in, and facilitates knowledge transfer to, depository institutions that increase access to financial services in underserved communities. snarain@ncif.org www.ncif.org SJF Ventures 0000009687 SJF VENTURES 200 N. Mangum St., Ste. 203 A venture capital fund that finances and assists rapidly growing companies whose competitive advantage includes environmental or workforce innovation. info@sjfund.com Financia— Checks and Credit Cards Below are checks and credit cards that support the work of nonprofit organizations. Brighter Planet 0001179564 Brighter Planet 1286 3rd Ave. / San Francisco, CA 94122 T (800)442-1521 P (802)458-0441 F (802)398-2777 Provides innovative products to help consumers clean up the environment. Become a Brighter Planet Visa® cardmember and join the movement for a clean-energy future. Calculate your carbon footprint, track your offsets, and find ways to reduce your environmental impact. staff@brighterplanet.com Contribucheck™ 0001030088 Contribucheck™ P.O. Box 91913 / Washington, DC 20090-1913 T (800)782-0206 P (202)429-0784 Recycled checks and deposit tickets printed with vegetable- based inks. "We also offer over 4,000 green products that consists of paper products, facility and industrial supplies." order@contribucheck.com www.brighterplanet.com M W B i www.contribucheck.com Durham, NC 27701 P (919)530-1177 F (919)530-1178 424 W. 33rd St., Ste. 320 New York, NY 10001 P (212)594-6747 F (212)594-6717 P (202)462-5449 Washington, DC 20009-2507 Socially responsible private equity and venture capital. dwscalvert@aol.com Boston, MA 02119-3236 When you get paid, pay yourself first by depositing money in a savings account. Better yet, see if your employer will deposit the amount you want to save directly into your savings account. Financial—Business/ Organizational Financing & Venture Capital This category includes sources of debt and equity financing for socially responsible businesses and organizations, as well as several services that link investors and socially responsible companies looking for capital. Many other financial firms, including advisors, money managers, and mutual fund firms, also provide equity-financing services. P (617)427-3640 F (617)427-9300 0001245475 GREEN AMERICA VISA CREDIT CARD FROM ONEPACIFICCOAST BANK P.O. Box 400 Ilwaco, WA 98624 Get the credit card that supports Green America and OnePacificCoast Bank. Put your mind at ease knowing a percentage of every purchase made using your card furthers OnePacificCoast's work to build sustainable communities and Green America's work to advanced Fair Trade, climate solutions, and green businesses. Put your money to work with T (888)326-2265 F (360)642-3780 a Green America VISA credit card! Member FDIC. N See Ad onpage 1. www.onepacificcoastbank.com/green-america.aspx Working Assets Credit Card 0000001211 A LEADER OF THE GREEN BUSINESS NETWORK™ WORKING ASSETS CREDIT CARD 101 Market St., Ste. 700 T (888)331-1683 San Francisco, CA 94105-1533 "Replace your other credit cards with the Working Assets Platinum Plus® credit card. When you use your card to buy gas, we'll plant a tree—at no extra cost to you. For every other purchase, we'll donate ten cents to nonprofit groups working for the environment, peace, human right, and equality. For details, call or visit our Web site and mention priority code 'UAAXFK'." For information about the rates, fees, other costs, and benefits associated with the use of the card, visit the Web site or call the number listed above. This credit card program is issued and administered by FIA Card Services, N.A. © 2009 Bank of America Corporation. N See Ad on inside back cover. www.workingassets.com/fuelingthefuture Financial—Community Development Nonprofits, Loan Funds, & Venture Capital This category includes various kinds of organizations that provide access to capital and technical expertise for community- based development. Community development loan funds operate in specific geographic areas and act as intermediaries that pool investments and loans provided by individuals and institutions, often at below-market rates, to further community development. Community development nonprofits and loan funds welcome both individual and institutional investors and are examples of Community Development Financial Institutions that serve to rebuild economically struggling communities. Boston Community Capital 0000009134 BOSTON COMMUNITY CAPITAL 56 Warren St. Founded by socially responsible investors in 1985. Builds healthy communities through socially responsible lending and investment. Has invested over $500 million in low-income communities across the US, creating affordable housing, high-quality jobs, child care, youth programs, and community services. • Account Minimum: $1,000. jbrooks@bostoncommunitycapital.org www.bostoncommunitycapital.org Boston, MA 02119-3236 P (617)427-3640 F (617)427-9300 Bridgeway Capital 0001028184 BRIDGEWAY CAPITAL 707 Grant St., Ste. 1920 Pittsburgh, PA 15219-1901 Provides capital and education to small businesses and nonprofits to ignite growth, expand entrepreneurial capacity, and sustain vital services in western Pennsylvania. info2@bridgewaycapital.org www.bridgewaycapital.org P (412)201-2450 F (412)201-2451 All those listed in this special financial section are Socially Responsible Investing (SRI) practitioners, as well as members of the Green Business Network™ and US SIF. While those listed have made SRI a priority in their work, please note that in some cases the parent company or affiliated organizations may not be devoted primarily to SRI. Before making any investment, please remember to ask for and study the prospectus and consult your financial or investment advisor, if you have one. If you seek SRI practitioners, products, or services from organizations primarily devoted to SRI, be sure to ask about the ownership and SRI commitment of the parent company or affiliated organization as you gather information. 102 KEY TO SYMBOLS: M = Mail Order/Catalog W = Wholesale R = Retail Store B = Business to Business Services i = Online Sales H = FREE or Special Offer Special Financial Section

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