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Financial—Consultants: Money Managers Financial—Institutional Investors & Program-Related Investing Walden Asset Management 0000009097 WALDEN ASSET MANAGEMENT One Beacon St., 33rd Fl. Walden Asset Management, a division of Boston Trust & Investment Management Company, has been a leader in integrating environmental, social, and governance (ESG) research and engagement into the investment process since 1975. Walden manages approximately $1.7 billion in assets for foundations and endowments, retirement plans, religious institutions, municipalities, and high-net-worth individuals. Walden's dedicated in-house ESG research and advocacy team works to achieve clients' ESG objectives through portfolio screening, proxy voting, shareholder engagement, public policy advocacy, and community development investments. In addition to high-quality small-, mid-, and large-cap equity portfolios, the company offers balanced and fixed income strategies. For information on the Walden Funds, please visit US SIF's Mutual Fund Performance Chart. • Account Minimum: $100,000 for mutual funds; $2 million for separate accounts. labbey@bostontrust.com www.waldenassetmgmt.com Boston, MA 02108 P (617)726-7250 F (617)227-2690 Green Your Money Tip White, Catherine Friend; FinArc, LLC 0000009206 Catherine Friend White, PRES., SR. PORT. MGR. FINARC, LLC 140 Kendrick St., C3 East / Needham, MA 02494 T (877)734-6272 F (781)449-8939 Investment management firm that combines institutional portfolio management expertise with personal service. An independent company, with no affiliation with or compensation from any other firm. Offers screening for environmental, social, and governance issues at no additional cost, allowing clients to use any ethical criteria in structuring their portfolios. info@finarc.com www.finarc.com Zevin, Robert; Zevin Asset Management, LLC 0001089527 Robert Zevin ZEVIN ASSET MANAGEMENT, LLC 50 Congress St., Ste. 1040 / Boston, MA 02109-4010 P (617)742-6666 "We are conscientious global investors who consider environmental, social, and governance factors not only for ethical reasons but also as markers of strong companies." • Account Minimum: $15,000. ben@RBZA.org www.rbza.org Financial— Institutional Investors & Program-Related Investing This category includes institutions that participate in or promote socially responsible investing, such as foundations, pension funds, and nonprofit organizations. Cedar Tree Foundation W000225245 CEDAR TREE FOUNDATION 100 Franklin St., Ste. 704 Small family fund created by the late pediatrician and entrepreneur Dr. David H. Smith, who believed in the power of individuals and organizations to make significant changes in our world, a view that is reflected in our grantmaking. Focuses on three areas of concern: environmental health, environmental education, and sustainable agriculture. Particular consideration is given to proposals demonstrating strong elements of environmental justice and conservation. info@cedartreefound.org www.cedartreefound.org Boston, MA 02110 P (617)695-6767 F (617)695-1919 Christian Brothers Investment Services, Inc. 0000009034 CHRISTIAN BROTHERS INVESTMENT SERVICES, INC. 20 N. Wacker Dr., Ste. 200 Christian Brothers Investment Services, Inc. (CBIS) is a leader in Catholic socially responsible investing (SRI) with approximately $3.6 billion in AUM for more than 1,000 Catholic institutions worldwide. fdevlin@cbisonline.com www.cbisonline.com Chicago, IL 60606-3002 T (877)550-2247 P (312)803-6440 F (312)803-6441 BELIEFS. ACTIONS. COME TOGETHER at GreenAmerica.org GreenAmerica.org The Impact of Community Investing Versus Charity For many investors, the impact they can achieve through community investing can be powerfully illustrated though comparison to the making of a charitable contribution as outlined below: When an individual makes a $20 donation: The individual gives $20, and only $20 goes to work helping people. Edward W. Hazen Foundation 0001197661 THE EDWARD W. HAZEN FOUNDATION 333 Seventh Ave., 14 Fl. Private independent foundation that funds grassroots and community-based organizations working on public school reform issues and youth development programs that focus on engaging young people in community organizing around concrete social issues. The foundation seeks to assist young people, particularly people of color and those disadvantaged by poverty, to achieve their full potential as individuals and as active participants in a democratic society. pgiles@hazenfoundation.org www.hazenfoundation.org New York, NY 10001 P (212)889-3034 F (212)889-3039 F.B. Heron Foundation 0000009798 THE F.B. HERON FOUNDATION 100 Broadway, 17th Fl. Private foundation manages a mission-related investment portfolio of grants, program-related investments, fixed-income securities, and private equity, emphasizing wealth creation for low-income people and communities. info@fbheron.org www.heronfdn.org New York, NY 10005-4506 P (212)404-1800 F (212)404-1805 General Board of Pension and Health Benefits of The United Methodist Church 0000009005 GENERAL BOARD OF PENSION AND HEALTH BENEFITS OF THE UNITED METHODIST CHURCH 1201 Davis St. The largest denominational pension fund in the US, administering retirement and health benefits for 74,000 participants. Investments are screened based on Church values, shareholder actions are taken to promote corporate responsibility, and investments are made in affordable housing and community development. videttebullock_mixon@gbophb.org www.gbophb.org Evanston, IL 60201-4185 P (847)866-5293 F (847)866-4003 Haas SRI Fund 0001252799 HAAS SRI FUND C/O Center for Responsible Business, 545 Student Services Building, #1900 Berkeley, CA 94720 P (510)643-7668 The Haas SRI Fund is administered by the Center for Responsible Business at the Haas School of Business for the educational benefit and experiential use of its student fund principals. respbus@haas.berkeley.edu responsiblebusiness.haas.berkeley.edu/HaasSRIFund.html Jessie Smith Noyes Foundation 0000009148 JESSIE SMITH NOYES FOUNDATION 6 East 39th St., 12th Fl. Philanthropic foundation supporting organizing around issues of the environment, reproductive rights, and communities at the intersection of justice. Seeking to reduce dissonance between grant-making values and asset management through program of mission-related investing and shareholder activism. Vic DeLuca, President. www.noyes.org New York, NY 10016 P (212)684-6577 F (212)689-6549 John E. Fetzer Institute 0000009630 THE JOHN E. FETZER INSTITUTE 9292 W. KL Ave. A nonprofit, private operating foundation with an interest in exploring the relationship between the inner world of mind and spirit and the outer world of action and service. "Our mission is to foster awareness of the power of love and forgiveness in the emerging global community." info@fetzer.org www.fetzer.org Kalamazoo, MI 49009-9398 P (269)375-2000 F (269)372-2163 When an individual invests $1,000 in a community investment at 3%: The individual's interest earnings may be reduced by $20, compared to a 5% T-bill investment. But the entire $1,000 goes to work helping people help themselves. Needmor Fund 0001004303 THE NEEDMOR FUND 42 S. Saint Clair St. Toledo, OH 43604 P (419)255-5560 F (419)255-5561 Supports people who work together to change the social, economic, or political conditions that bar them access to participation in a democratic society. moreinfo@needmorfund.org www.needmorfund.org Oikocredit U.S.A. 0000009160 OIKOCREDIT U.S.A. P.O. Box 11000 Washington, DC 20008-0200 P (202)728-4140 F (202)728-4143 Investment fund that lends to economic development projects in the world's most vulnerable communities. $690 million invested in 71 countries. Return: 2% and high impact. • Account Minimum: $1,000. usa@oikocredit.org www.oikocreditusa.org Oneida Tribe of Indians of Wisconsin Trust Department 0000009307 ONEIDA TRIBE OF INDIANS OF WISCONSIN TRUST DEPARTMENT P.O. Box 365 Oneida, WI 54155-0365 P (920)490-3935 F (920)490-3939 Elected by the General Tribal Council, the committee exercises due diligence for safe guarding and maintaining the trust funds of the Oneida Tribe of Indians of Wisconsin in a manner that does not enable harm to the environment or the spiritual and cultural values of Native Americans. Sisters of Notre Dame 0001173542 SISTERS OF NOTRE DAME 3837 Secor Rd. Toledo, OH 43623 P (419)474-5485 F (419)474-1336 "An international community of Catholic religious women, we utilize SRI to share God's goodness through community investing, shareholder advocacy, positive investment managers, and proxy voting." pbuganski@yahoo.com www.toledosnd.org Unitarian Universalist Association 0000009637 UNITARIAN UNIVERSALIST ASSOCIATION 25 Beacon St. Boston, MA 02108-2824 P (617)742-2100 F (617)367-3237 A religious family of more than 1,000 congregations that support each other and bring to the world a theology of tolerance, interdependence, and compassion. Ensures that UUA investments reflect Unitarian Universalist values and offers endowment management services to congregations. Provides information on how congregations and individuals can be socially responsible investors. tbrennan@uua.org www.uua.org Green Pages Online at GreenPages.org All those listed in this special financial section are Socially Responsible Investing (SRI) practitioners, as well as members of the Green Business Network™ and US SIF. While those listed have made SRI a priority in their work, please note that in some cases the parent company or affiliated organizations may not be devoted primarily to SRI. Before making any investment, please remember to ask for and study the prospectus and consult your financial or investment advisor, if you have one. If you seek SRI practitioners, products, or services from organizations primarily devoted to SRI, be sure to ask about the ownership and SRI commitment of the parent company or affiliated organization as you gather information. 20th Edition of Green America's 2013 National Green Pages® 119 Special Financial Section

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