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Financial—Private Fund Managers Financial—Social Investment Research & Shareholder Activism Coalition for Environmentally Responsible Economies (CE Addressing Corporate Concerns. What if you see a company you do not like in your social investment mutual fund: SOCIAL Investing Stick with that mutual fund. Its managers are working to encourage better corporate responsibility, and your investment helps to keep the pressure on. Let the mutual fund know why you have concerns. Look for a social investment mutual fund that doesn't invest in that company. Seek out a social investment financial advisor who can help you put your own portfolio together. Financial—Private Fund Managers This category of SIF members provides opportunities for high- net-worth and institutional investors to participate in privately managed investments. The specialty funds managed by these members are generally not registered and are most often described as private equity, venture capital, and hedge funds. FFA Financial 0000009794 FFA FINANCIAL 2531 E. Richards Pl. A fee-only comprehensive financial planning firm. Services include: investment review and management, retirement planning, estate planning, tax planning, insurance analysis, and debt reduction. Specializing in socially responsible investing since 1981. • Account Minimum: No account minimum. Work on an hourly, lump sum, or ongoing retainer basis. info@ffafeeonly.com www.ffafinancial.com Fee-only comprehensive financial planners. Tucson, AZ 85716-1123 P (520)325-0769 F (888)886-1770 Illuminated Funds Group 0000009261 Illuminated Funds Group P.O. Box 7950 / Cave Creek, AZ 85327-7950 P (480)488-8690 F (480)488-9309 Private fund management, including the structuring and creating of funds using investor-designated strategies. Due diligence for venture capital and real estate investment. Member, First Affirmative Financial Network. • Account Minimum: $1 million. jjjjames@illuminatedfunds.com www.illuminatedfunds.com New Amsterdam Partners 0001181330 NEW AMSTERDAM PARTNERS 475 Park Ave. S., 20th Fl. An asset management firm founded on an innovative philosophy: an intellectually rigorous and disciplined blend of quantitative and fundamental research. Will provide superior stock selection. Manages US equity portfolios and offers socially responsible portfolios that can be customized to client needs. mclayman@napllc.com www.napllc.com New York, NY 10016 P (212)689-1500 F (212)689-3503 Trust Company 0001032471 THE TRUST COMPANY 1630 Timber Wolf Dr. T (800)453-0625 Holland, OH 43528 P (419)865-8778 F (419)865-0915 Engages in socially responsible investing as part of a comprehensive investment strategy. Considers a wide range of SRI criteria and undertakes traditional fundamental and technical analysis that underpins investment management. Specializes in the management of small-cap core securities in a manager-of-managers approach to other market sectors. • Account Minimum: $500,000. jbhiggins@the-trust-company.com www.the-trust-company.com Unitarian Universalist Association 0000009637 UNITARIAN UNIVERSALIST ASSOCIATION 25 Beacon St. A religious family of more than 1,000 congregations that support each other and bring to the world a theology of tolerance, interdependence, and compassion. Ensures that UUA investments reflect Unitarian Universalist values and offers endowment management services to congregations. Provides information on how congregations and individuals can be socially responsible investors. tbrennan@uua.org www.uua.org Boston, MA 02108-2824 P (617)742-2100 F (617)367-3237 Financial—Social Investment Research & Shareholder Activism These companies and organizations research the social and environmental records of corporations and provide or sell this information to assist advisors, planners, money managers, institutional investors, and, in some cases, individuals, to make better investment decisions. The research helps them decide which companies fit in their screened portfolios and mutual funds. This category also includes companies and organizations providing information about or helping with organizing shareholder advocacy efforts. Shareholder resolutions focus corporate management's attention on particular issues of social and environmental concern. As You Sow Foundation (Corp. Soc. Responsibility Prog.) 0000009470 AS YOU SOW FOUNDATION (CORP. SOC. RESPONSIBILITY PROG.) 1611 Telegraph Ave., Ste. 1450 P (510)735-8158 Oakland, CA 94612 Provides cutting-edge social-issue shareholder research, dialogue, and resolution-management services to the nonprofit, SRI, and foundation communities. Works with leading SRI funds on key sustainability and labor rights issues; builds coalitions and solicits investor support. Offers proxy consulting/voting guideline development services for foundations and endowments. asyousow@asyousow.org www.asyousow.org Boston Common Asset Management 0001076146 BOSTON COMMON ASSET MANAGEMENT 84 State St., Ste. 1000 P (617)720-5557 Boston, MA 02109 An employee-owned social investment firm serving individual and institutional investors, offering US large-cap equity, balanced portfolios, international, and small-cap products. Boston Common tailors portfolios to each client's social and financial goals, combining prudent investment management, diligent in-house social research, and path-breaking shareholder advocacy. Boston Common also has an office located in Redwood City, CA. lcompere@bostoncommonasset.com www.bostoncommonasset.com Center for Political Accountability W000219083 CENTER FOR POLITICAL ACCOUNTABILITY 1233 20th St. NW, Ste. 205 A nonpartisan advocacy organization whose mission is to bring transparency and accountability to corporate political spending. The Center is coordinating a shareholder initiative to press companies and to educate the public about the risks that corporate political spending carries. www.politicalaccountability.net Washington, DC 20036 P (202)464-1570 ext 102 F (202)464-1575 All those listed in this special financial section are Socially Responsible Investing (SRI) practitioners, as well as members of the Green Business Network™ and US SIF. While those listed have made SRI a priority in their work, please note that in some cases the parent company or affiliated organizations may not be devoted primarily to SRI. Before making any investment, please remember to ask for and study the prospectus and consult your financial or investment advisor, if you have one. If you seek SRI practitioners, products, or services from organizations primarily devoted to SRI, be sure to ask about the ownership and SRI commitment of the parent company or affiliated organization as you gather information. * Organic cotton, sweat-free T-shirt. Just submit the form in the attached postage-paid envelope. 124 KEY TO SYMBOLS: M = Mail Order/Catalog W = Wholesale R = Retail Store B = Business to Business Services i = Online Sales H = FREE or Special Offer 0000009341 COALITION FOR ENVIRONMENTALLY RESPONSIBLE ECONOMIES (CERES) 99 Chauncy St., 6th Fl. Boston, MA 02111 Formed in 1989 out of an unprecedented partnership among some of America's largest socially responsible institutional investors and environmental groups, CERES (Coalition for Environmentally Responsible Economies) has pioneered an innovative, practical approach to advancing corporate accountability through public reporting and stakeholder engagement. CERES works with organizations (a) to endorse the CERES Principles, a ten-point code of environmental conduct, including continuous environmental improvement and public accountability for environmental impact; (b) to engage in global social and environmental reporting; and c) to assess and disclose their financial exposure to the costs of climate change. info@ceres.org www.ceres.org Conscientious Investor 0000009273 The Conscientious Investor 12 Burnett Ave. / South Hadley, MA 01075-6464 P (413)538-6758 F (413)538-6758 Promotes and encourages people and institutions to have nuclear, chemical, and conventional weapons-free investment portfolios. Experts in Responsible Investment Solutions (EIRIS) 0000009263 EXPERTS IN RESPONSIBLE INVESTMENT SOLUTIONS (EIRIS) 80-84 Bondway Provides detailed, flexible research on corporate, environmental, social, and governance (ESG) performance as well as research on areas of specific ethical concern for more that 2,700 companies around the world. Since 1983, EIRIS has supported a wide variety of institutional investors to incorporate extra-financial considerations into their investment strategies. stephen.hine@eiris.org www.eiris.org Ethical Investment Research Services (EIRIS) Ltd. is a wholly owned subsidiary of the EIRIS Foundation, a registered charity. London, SW8 1SF United Kingdom P 44-207-840-5700 F 44-207-735-5323 P (617)247-0700 F (617)267-5400 are you a green american? Get a free t-shirt* when you make a monthly pledge to support our powerful programs. Visit GreenAmerica.org/go/monthly and commit a small amount each month to make big things happen at Green America. Special Financial Section

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