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Health—Products Health—Services Health—Spas Cynthia Becker's Quality Choices W000236656 Cynthia Becker's Quality Choices 2607 Zent Dr. / Vandalia, IL 62471-3801 P (618)283-9296 CDs that work for mind/body physical and emotional healing, self-esteem, and insomnia. Professional psychic readings, intuitive life coaching, and more ... 40% off plus free shipping on orders of ten or more CDs (any combination). 50% off on orders of 50 or more CDs. qualitychoices@cynthiabecker.com www.cynthiabecker.com W B H i DivaCup Menstrual Solution W000222247 Kitchener, ON N2A 4A5 Canada DivaCup Menstrual Solution 1221 Weber St. E, # 25089 Manufacturer of the popular DivaCup. Leading-edge period care, environmental, ends the inconvenience/expense of using tampons/pads in endless absorbencies, shapes, and styles. Distributed worldwide. info@divacup.com T (866)444-3482 F (519)220-5911 W Sensitive Planet W000259437 EarthLust 3288 21st St., #127 / San Francisco, CA 94110 T (877)552-5878 P (415)332-5878 F (415)332-5879 EarthLust bottles are 18/8 stainless steel, which is naturally safe unlined. Completely nontoxic and BPA-free. Every safe and stylish bottle helps to eliminate waste! Enter "GREENIE" for a 15% discount through the website. talktous@earthlust.com EarthLust ECOSISTERS W000254283 ECOSISTERS 624 2nd St. W. / Park Rapids, MN 56470 P (818)480-1014 "Our goal is to promote Earth-conscious alternatives by providing simple, sustainable solutions for everyday living." ecosisters@hotmail.com www.earthlust.com M W i www.ecosisters.net Future Tech Today Inc. 0000220747 Future Tech Today Inc. W000238602 www.divacup.com W R B H i Hand N Hand Therapy Heal Your Home Green Tools Our one-stop shop for greening your home from nontoxic paints to green cleaners. GreenAmerica.org/go/ healyourhome Renee Ponder Herbs (see page 140) Sensitive Planet 825 Wilshire Blvd., #333 / Santa Monica, CA 90401 P (310)451-7377 The Enlightening Marketplace: yoga, meditation, ayurveda, holistic, sacred, and cruelty-free products. info@sensitiveplanet.com www.sensitiveplanet.com Sequel Naturals (Vega) 0001175604 Sequel Naturals (Vega) W i W000237326 Hand N Hand Therapy 4141 N. Henderson Rd., Plaza 8 / Arlington, VA 22203 P (703)527-8446 F (703)527-1752 A holistic physical therapy and wellness clinic located in Northern Virginia that offers individualized manual therapy, lymphatic drainage, Rolfing, and fitness programs. Hand N Hand will handle the billing of your private insurance company. info@handnhandtherapy.com www.handnhandtherapy.com H Have Thumbs, Will Travel 0000006648 A LEADER OF THE GREEN BUSINESS NETWORK™ HAVE THUMBS, WILL TRAVEL P.O. Box 3235 Scottsdale, AZ 85271-3235 H P (480)945-7931 F (480)945-9782 Integrated medicine aproach to wellness, fitness, and athletic injury care by three- time US Olympic wrestling team trainer 33-1833 Coast Meridian Rd. Port Coquitlam, BC V3C 6G5 T (866)839-8863 P (604)945-3133 F (888)945-3033 A rapidly growing and progressive manufacturer of premium natural health products and nutritional supplements, including the award-winning Vega brand of plant-based whole food products. info@myvega.com www.sequelnaturals.com W B i 1430 Williamette St. #202 / Eugene, OR 97401 P (541)434-0318 F (541)343-5830 "Discover secrets of energetic health technology. Rife, Lakhovsky, scenar, ozone detox, EMF protection. Historic and present day breakthroughs. Call for free report and discover the truth." support@futuretechtoday.com HealthGoods.com 0000003736 51 Glen St. / Natick, MA 01760 T (888)666-0862 F (603)532-0231 Products and information for indoor air quality, allergen control, health and fitness, organic personal care, home test kits, organic textiles, water quality, kitchen appliances, conservation, nontoxic cleaning, and more! info@healthgoods.com HealthGoods.com www.futuretechtoday.com i www.healthgoods.com Herbalist & Alchemist, Inc. (see page 139) Intelligent Nutrients (see page 66) The Jackson Whole Grocer (see page 128) KEETSA Eco-friendly Mattresses (see page 61) KINKARACO—Green Burial Shrouds (see page 123) Love at First Sit 0001055210 2420 NW Quimby, #9 / Portland, OR 97210 T (877)269-7817 P (503)721-1570 Provides portable, ergonomic back-support systems made of organic cotton and hemp that can be used at home, in the office, and outdoors. 10% discount. loveatfirstsit@yahoo.com Love at First Sit OmGym 1507 7th St., #167 / Santa Monica, CA 90290 T (888)99-OMGYM P 305-318-3907 "Try OmGym training today! Integrate suspension yoga, body- weight training, inversion therapy, and core stabilization, with balance and joyful rejuvenation. Revolutionary fitness equipment and eco-yoga for all levels." info@omgym.com 0001137140 OmGym www.loveatfirstsit.com W B i www.omgym.com Owens Acres - Lavender, Herbs, and Tea Owens Acres—Lavender, Herbs, and Tea W B i 2137 Fortuna Mine Rd. / Placerville, CA 95667 P (530)626-3587 F (530)626-3587 Certified organic herb and flower farm specializing in herbal remedies and natural products. Laura Owens is a certified Master Herbalist. owensacres_questions@yahoo.com www.OwensAcres.com W000233230 Rearz Inc. Rearz Inc. W000248943 220 Holborn Dr. / Kitchener N2A2E8, ON Canada P (519)745-1000 Gear for Rearz. Providing both young and old. Simple, environmentally responsible, well-made alternatives to disposable diapers. Buy something worth owning. "We support charity." orders@rearz.ca W i www.rearz.ca W B H i M i Health—Services Acupuncture Medical & Research Centre, Inc. W000231703 Acupuncture Medical & Research Centre, Inc. 11673 Jollyville Rd., Ste. 201 / Austin, TX 78759 P (512)336-7424 Experience health care in a green-built, eco-friendly environment. Success with headaches, chemical sensitivity, allergies, and much more. Free evaluation (Value $100). GetAcupuncture@austin.rr.com www.AcupunctureAustin.com H Blessings Enterprises, LLC W000233010 Blessings Enterprises, LLC 6916 Bancroft Ave. / St. Louis, MO 63109 P (314)646-1923 Healing body, mind, and spirit—nourishing the soul. Provides energy work, grief work, Affirmative Life Coaching, and a variety of healing modalities and holistic health products, with a focus on all aspects of your physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. 10% off in-stock Mother Earth pillow with this ad. contact@BlessingsEnterprises.com www.blessingsenterprises.com Clinical Hypnosis Institute of Montana 0000006211 Clinical Hypnosis Institute of Montana P.O. Box 453 / Calumet, MI 49913 Clinical hypnotherapy services. Professional training and certification through the International Medical and Dental Hypnotherapy Assocation. Holistic health education, speakers, workshops, retreats, and consultation. Quantum healing. chi.montana@gmail.com www.chi-montana.com EMDR Therapist Network (Inner Courage LLC) W000239902 EMDR Therapist Network (Inner Courage LLC) 21 NE Alberta St. / Portland, OR 97211 P (503)341-4325 "EMDR: A real breakthrough in health and well-being." "Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing" changes the brain and reduces symptoms of stress. Find therapists who use this amazing psychotherapy. carolmaker@innercourage.com www.emdrtherapistnetwork.com Green Cross 0001267564 The Green Cross 4218 Mission St. / San Francisco, CA 94112 P (415)648-4420 F (415)431-2420 A registered nonprofit public benefit corporation organized to provide members with access to quality medical cannabis products by dedicated professionals. 10% off. staff@thegreencross.org www.thegreencross.org R H Green Dentistry 0001152466 Green Dentistry 360 Post St., Ste. 704 / San Francisco, CA 94108 P (415)433-0119 F (415)433-1925 An eco-friendly, patient-centered practice. Provides general and cosmetic dentistry using nontoxic products and methods. sfgreendentistry@gmail.com www.sfgreendentist.com R B P (406)461-4359 and massage therapist Marie-Elizabeth Finamore. Massage, cranio-sacral therapy, therapeutic exercise. Thank you! 10% off first session. marie@havethumbs.com www.havethumbs.com Irwin Hoenig W000226240 Irwin Hoenig P.O. Box 5292 / Laurel, MD 20726 Providing gentle, respectful, effective therapy for musculo- skeletal, nervous system, and developmental problems. Teaching classes in self-healing, mind/body coordination, and holistic health. Information provided via e-mail. irwinhoenigcst@gmail.com www.livingcalmness.net P (301)604-2172 My Healthy Home® W000253160 My Healthy Home® P.O. Box 674 / Whitehouse Station, NJ 08889 T (866)743-8563 F (866)743-8563 National services for testing homes for mold, allergens, chemicals, safety. Physician-recommended. Also available: green building consultations, home test kits, air/water purifiers, allergy products, dehumidifiers, eco-products. Over ten years of service. A recognized resource featured in national television, radio, and print media. myhealthyhomellc@aol.com www.myhealthyhome.info W B i R B H Renita Herrmann, Renita Herrmann, Classical Homeopath, Health Consultant Renee Ponder Herbs (see page 140) W000248294 Classical Homeopath, Health Consultant H 221 El Camino Del Mar, CA / San Francisco, CA 94121 P (415)221-6635 "Treat yourself with the holistic approach: mental, emotional, and physical symptoms all alleviated (not suppressed) with one remedy. You owe it to yourself!" Typical problems classical homeopathy can help: acid reflux, indigestion, allergies, anxiety, arthritis, asthma, autism, behavior problems, colds and flu, depression, IBS, Crohn's, anorexia, bulimia, eczema, headaches, menopause, menstrual irregularity, mononucleosis, panic attacks, PMS, psoriasis, and sleep problems. 10% discount. info@sfhomeopath.com www.sfhomeopath.com Yoga Barn W000238793 Yoga Barn 1 Red Barn Rd. / West Tisbury, MA 02575 P (508)645-9642 A divine Yoga and Bodywork studio on Martha's Vineyard. "Join us for regularly scheduled yoga classes and make appointments for massage, acupuncture, and detoxifying footbaths." $10 off purchase of organic cotton T-shirts. blue@mvyogabarn.com H www.mvyogabarn.com Health—Spas Green America provides information for consumers and businesses. We make no guarantees or representations as to the effectiveness of any of the products, treatments, or services offered by these organizations. It is always important to check with your health care provider before taking any course of treatment. EarthBody W000249526 EarthBody 534 Laguna St. / San Francisco, CA 94102 P (415)552-7200 Voted "Best Day Spa" in San Francisco, EarthBody offers Ayurvedic rituals, therapeutic massage, organic skin care, and handcrafted bodycare for self-healing. 15% off for Green America members. spa@earthbody.net Future Tech Today Inc. (see page 138) 138 KEY TO SYMBOLS: M = Mail Order/Catalog W = Wholesale R = Retail Store B = Business to Business Services i = Online Sales H = FREE or Special Offer R H H www.earthbody.net

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