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Travel Agents Travel/Adventure—Domestic Travel/Adventure—International Vegetarianism/Diet Support hotel workers. Green Tools Consider choosing a hotel where workers have a voice on the job: HotelWorkersRising.org/ HotelGuide. Travel Agents Global Genie, Inc 0001133986 Global Genie, Inc P.O. Box 58595 / Nashville, TN 37205 T (800)944-3643 P (615)337-6917 F (615)296-5444 A 501(c)3 socially conscious travel organization that helps travelers manage social impact and minimize environmental impact, as well as find their way. info@greentravel.org Green America's Travel-Links 0000801373 Green America's Travel-Links 120 Beacon St. / Somerville, MA 02143-4370 T (800)648-2667 F (617)492-3720 Woman-owned travel agency. Experts in domestic and international itineraries, lowest possible airfares. Tailor-made, socially and environmentally sensitive travel for business, vacation, groups, and individuals. mj@tvlcoll.com www.thetravelspecialists.biz www.GreenTravel.org R B Green Concierge Travel W000225181 Green Concierge Travel 546 Woodside Ter. / Madison, WI 53711 T (877)200-2844 P (608)204-2717 F (608)204-3818 From historic inns and B&Bs to urban green hotels, farmers markets, and neighborhood eateries. "Your green travel partner creating customized itineraries that meet your budget." info@greenconciergetravel.com www.greenconciergetravel.com R B Green Earth Travel 0000006260 Green Earth Travel 7 Froude Cir. / Cabin John, MD 20818 Specializing in vegetarian, adventure, eco, and volunteer vacations. Specializing in Central America, UK, and Ireland as well as the United States. info@greenearthtravel.com Travel/Adventure— Domestic Back Country Excursions of Maine, LLC 0000007246 Back Country Excursions of Maine, LLC 42 Woodward Rd. / Parsonsfield, ME 04047-6526 P (207)625-8189 F (207)625-7134 Rustic mountain bike adventures and resort. Offers lodging, food, instruction, guided rides, rentals, and special events. Wood-fired hot tub for families, groups, and individuals. bcountry@psouth.net www.bikebackcountry.com Better World Club - Travel and Roadside Assistance 0001048442 A LEADER OF THE GREEN BUSINESS NETWORK™ BETTER WORLD CLUB—TRAVEL AND ROADSIDE ASSISTANCE 412 NW Couch St., Ste. 100 get a 20% savings: 15 months for 12. N See Ad on page 30. info@betterworldclub.com www.betterworldclub.com Box Canyon Lodge & Hot Springs W000249785 Box Canyon Lodge & Hot Springs 45 3rd Ave., P.O. Box 439 / Ouray, CO 81427 T (800)327-5080 P (970)325-4981 F (970)325-0223 Quiet location two blocks off of Main Street; within walking distance to shops and restaurants; natural hot springs on site and terraced on mountainside. bcm@boxcanyonouray.com www.boxcanyonouray.com GreenAmerica.org Green alternative to AAA with 24-hour nationwide roadside assistance for autos and bikes. Discounts on hybrid car rentals, eco-travel, hotels. Trip routing, auto insurance, bicycle roadside assistance, and free maps. Supports a cleaner environment and alternative modes of transportation. 1% of revenue is donated to environmental cleanup. Hybrid owners Portland, OR 97209 T (866)238-1137 P (503)546-1137 F (503)546-1117 B P (301)229-5666 R i www.vegtravel.com Global Genie, Inc (see page 167) Green Earth Travel (see page 167) Montfair Resort Farm (see page 147) OCSC SAILING 0001052852 OCSC SAILING 1 Spinnaker Way / Berkeley, CA 94710 T (800)223-2984 P (510)843-4200 F (510)843-8114 "The leading sport sailing resort in North America. World class coaching and state-of-the-art sailboats. Learn to sail with confidence." info@ocscsailing.com M R B i Green Living www.ocscsailing.com OmGym (see pages 68, 95, 137, 138 & 166) Plantation Farm Camp (see pages 74, 86 & 149) Tree of Life Rejuvenation Center (see pages 89, 147 & 164) Wild Side Specialty Tours, LLC W000228967 Wild Side Specialty Tours, LLC 87-1286 Farrington Hwy. / Waianae, HI 96792 P (808)306-7273 R B H i Sail with whales and snorkel with dolphins, turtles, and tropical fish over coral reefs in Hawaii. Marine biologist, all-women crew, sensitive, conservation-minded journeys. Wild Dolphin Foundation bumper sticker. reservations@sailhawaii.com Travel/Adventure— International Cotton Tree Lodge LLC 0001247295 Cotton Tree Lodge LLC 36 Lexington Ave / Montclair, NJ 07042-4502 P (212)529-8622 F (917)591-3082 An eco-lodge hidden in the jungles of southern Belize. A variety of culture, wildlife, and adventure trips available daily. 10% off. info@cottontreelodge.com www.cottontreelodge.com Ela Brasil Tours 0001032729 Ela Brasil Tours H Travel Chocolate LLC 0001172447 Travel Chocolate LLC Your travel dollars can provide essential support to local economies and small businesses. Find tips for green travel at: GreenAmerica.org/pubs/ greenpages/greentips/july.cfm P.O. Box 4668, PMB59369 / New York, NY 10163 P (718)841-7030 F (718)841-7030 "Enjoy great chocolate, help children, and provide clean water with each bite of Travel Chocolate products. Premium chocolate with Fair Trade and organic ingredients." info@travelchocolate.com W B i Untours Untours www.sailhawaii.com 0000005671 415 East Jasper St. / Media, PA 19063 T (888)868-6871 F (610)565-5142 "Untours: See the world through local eyes. When you take an Untour, you truly experience what it is like to live in another culture: you reside in a typical apartment, mingle with the neighbors, and enjoy local activities. You have the freedom to explore entirely on your own schedule. To make you feel even more at home, we provide you with a local resident expert to welcome you to the neighborhood and give you the tools to live like a local." Untours is B-Corporation-certified. info@untours.com www.untours.com www.travelchocolate.com M i 14 Burlington Dr. / Norwalk, CT 06851 P (203)840-9010 F (203)840-9010 Visit Brasil. "We offer custom-tailored trips with focus on responsible tourism, nature conservancy, and cultural involvement. Our Ecovolunteer trips also offer school credit." luisa@elabrasil.com i www.elabrasil.com Global Genie, Inc (see page 167) Green America's Travel-Links (see page 167) Green Earth Travel (see page 167) Green Harmony Tours W000230697 Green Harmony Tours P.O. Box 10164 / Baltimore, MD 21285 P (443)470-5729 Leads Adventure Ecotours of Germany, traveling by trains, bicycles, and walking; seeing sustainable living in architecture, gardens, town centers, roof gardens, and renewable energy. Free map for ecotour participants. info@greenharmonytours.com www.greenharmonytours.com Himalayan High Treks 0001028296 Himalayan High Treks 241 Dolores St. / San Francisco, CA 94103-2211 T (800)455-8735 P (415)551-1005 F (415)861-2391 "Enlightened travel" to Bhutan, India, Nepal, Tibet, and Southeast Asia. Offers trekking, Buddhist pilgrimages, tours, help with independent travel, and custom trips. 10% off. info@hightreks.com H International Bicycle Fund 0000000884 International Bicycle Fund 4887 Columbia Dr. S, Ste. A / Seattle, WA 98108-1919 P (206)767-0848 F (206)767-0848 Cultural, small-group bicycle tours in Africa, Asia, US, and Cuba; environmentally friendly, culturally sensitive, and economically beneficial. Promotes sustainable transportation and responsible tourism worldwide. 5% off. Free brochure. ibike@ibike.org www.hightreks.com H SEEtheWILD 0001152060 SEEtheWILD 7227 SW Linette Way / Beaverton, OR 97007 Offers life-changing wildlife tours that give back to conservation efforts and communities. Tours focus on turtles, whales, sharks, birds, bears, and big cats. www.SEEtheWILD.org www.ibike.org B i Tierra Vista Tours & Consulting 0001030096 Tierra Vista Tours & Consulting 605 Ray Dr. / Silver Spring, MD 20910 P (301)608-8094 Customized ecotours to Latin America and beyond, educating travelers and contributing to conservation. Technical assistance and freelance writing provided. Topics include ecotourism, environment, natural resources. abirome2@gmail.com W R B www.tierra-vista.org B H i Vegetarianism/Diet Capay Organic & Farm Fresh To You (see page 85) DEVA Nutrition LLC W000226530 DEVA Nutrition LLC 779 Shotgun Rd. / Sunrise, FL 33326-1940 T (888)988-3382 P (205)671-0888 F (888)588-3382 The pioneer manufacturer and distributor of unique vitamins, minerals, and food supplements that are suitable for vegans and vegetarians. info@devanutrition.com www.devanutrition.com W B Earl's Organic Produce (see page 129) Lydia's Lovin' Foods 0001037757 A LEADER OF THE GREEN BUSINESS NETWORK™ LYDIA'S LOVIN' FOODS 1435 N MCDOWELL BLVD STE 100 PETALUMA, CA 94954-6548 W R B i Stores around the country, the Fairfax and new Petaluma restaurants, and festivals offer organic, gluten-free, vegan, raw, and cooked foods prepared with love! info@lydiasorganics.com www.lydiasorganics.com P (415)258-9866 F (415)258-9623 Pizza Fusion (see pages 131 & 161) Sjaak's Organic Chocolates (see page 74) Tree of Life Rejuvenation Center (see pages 89, 147 & 164) Vegetarian Resource Group 0000000946 Vegetarian Resource Group P.O. Box 1463 / Baltimore, MD 21203-1463 P (410)366-8343 F (410)366-8804 Health professionals, activists, and educators work with businesses and individuals to bring about healthy changes in schools, workplaces, and communities. Publishes quarterly Vegetarian Journal. vrg@vrg.org M W i Vitalita Vitalita 0000007294 2150 Ashby Ave. / Berkeley, CA 94705 P (510)542-9865 Provides vegan culinary services. Free, original, electronic vegan (vegetarian/non-dairy) cookbooks available at the Web site. Services include take-out/personal chef service, and culinary consulting. Download PDF file electronic cookbooks for free. mfoy@vitalita.com www.vitalita.com www.vrg.org B H i travel light. buy local. COME TOGETHER at GreenAmerica.org 20th Edition of Green America's 2013 National Green Pages® 167

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