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Advertising/Marketing/PR Air Purification Animal Rights/Welfare Architects/Designers Nikki Alexander Copywriting & Consulting W000220044 Nikki Alexander Copywriting & Consulting H 861 Durant Pl. NE / Atlanta, GA 30308 P (404)888-9601 "20+ years writing persuasive communications—collateral, websites, e-mails, campaigns, more. How far can you go with the right words telling your story?" 10% discount. nikki@nikkialexander.com www.nikkialexander.com On Belay Business Advisors (see page 71) Organicworks Marketing Organicworks Marketing 0001120732 123 5th Ave., 3rd Fl. / New York, NY 10003 P (212)253-0474 F (212)253-0215 A media communications company dedicated to raising mainstream awareness for the contemporary style of organic, sustainable, and eco-living. "We have helped clients, in all shades of green, achieve mainstream recognition and bottom-line business growth of their cutting-edge organic, eco, and socially responsible products and services." info@organicworkspr.com B Positive Impact Partner, Inc. 0001138832 Positive Impact Partner, Inc. 2470 Edith Ave. / Redwood City, CA 94061-1220 T (888)673-9966 Provides marketing services that create positive experiences and results. Specialties include strategic and tactical marketing in technology, consumer goods, and great causes. Complimentary review of your existing marketing materials and one-hour consultation. results@positiveimpactpartner.com www.positiveimpactpartner.com www.organicworkspr.com B H Ranch7 Creative, LLC 0001049661 Ranch7 Creative, LLC 738 Wilson St. / Santa Rosa, CA 95401 P (707)526-1080 F (707)570-0523 Design professionals, passionate and experienced in the promotion of visionary businesses. Full design, copywriting, and print management services. 10% off. kate@ranch7.com H S Dialogue, LLC 0001040481 S Dialogue, LLC 10 Caroline Way / New Platz, NY 12561-1157 T (866)210-1183 P (973)432-7841 F (973)366-9426 An award-winning, full-service sustainability communications firm. Provides strategic sustainability consulting services; communications, with a specialty in interactive, social media, and collaboration; training; and publications. pg@sDialogue.com www.ranch7.com B substance151, BENEFIT LLC W000248865 substance151, BENEFIT LLC 2304 E. Baltimore St. / Baltimore, MD 21224 P (410)732-8379 F (425)940-7800 A brand design and strategy firm focused on building sustainable brands for companies with environmentally and socially responsible products, services, and corporate values. icheinman@substance151.com sDialogue.com B Sustainable Media 0001047661 Sustainable Media 904 Chester Park Dr. / Duluth, MN 55812-1175 P (218)341-8416 Specializes in providing professional writing and copywriting services to businesses and organizations promoting the principles of sustainability. Free newsletter. info@sustainable-media.com www.sustainable-media.com www.substance151.com B H Sustainable Websites LLC (see page 143) The Change Creation, Inc. (see page 149) TheEmailTree.com W000250287 TheEmailTree.com 6821 Havers Hall / Gloucester, VA 23061 P (804)815-4010 E-mail marketing tools and solutions for better customer communication. "Use our content or yours. We take the work out of e-mail marketing and plant trees!" 10% off your first year of service. info@TheEmailTree.com B H i Verde PR & Consulting W000229818 Verde PR & Consulting P.O. Box 9028 / Durango, CO 81302 P (970)259-3555 F (970)259-6999 A full-service public relations, marketing, branding, and consulting agency with an emphasis in corporate social responsibility. info@verdpr.com www.TheEmailTree.com B Wright Choice Promotions W000238859 Wright Choice Promotions 150 W. Wood Dr. / Phoenix, AZ 85029 P (602)795-7300 F (602)391-2250 Earth-friendly promotional products to market and promote your Earth-friendly business, including corn plastic pens, recycled plastic mugs, recycled paper notepads, and much more. 5% off for mentioning this ad or our monthly Web special. (Please register for our newsletter to receive our monthly special.) julia@wrightchoicepromotions.com www.wrightchoicepromotions.com GreenAmerica.org www.verdepr.com M B H i Green ACTION Ask the magazines you read what kind of paper they use. If they use paper with recycled content, thank them. If not, ask them to make the switch. Sample letters, tips, and more are available at: BetterPaper.org. Yurich Creative 0000163761 Yurich Creative 23628 Woodhill Dr. / Cleveland, OH 44142-1058 T (877)410-2662 P (216)631-2554 A communication firm specializing in sustainable marketing. Over 15 years utilizing print, websites, e-mail broadcasting, and more to effectively promote your products and services. beth@yurichcreative.com Air Purification Common Sense Solutions Common Sense Solutions 0000003384 8932-101 Langwood Dr. / Raleigh, NC 27613 T (888)324-4175 P (919)917-7818 "Bring mountain freshness indoors!" Our triple technology is more effective on tobacco, pollen, mold and mildew, viruses and fungi, and odors from carpeting, cooking, paint, pets, smoke, and water damage. Use in homes, autos, boats, gyms, and rec vehicles. Free brochure. "Best value!" Free consultation. jeff@healthprotector.com E. L. Foust Co., Inc. W000230409 E. L. Foust Co., Inc. M B H B People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) 0000000720 People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) 501 Front St. / Norfolk, VA 23510-1009 P (757)622-7382 F (757)622-0457 Advocates for the rights of animals through education and direct action, with the goal of ending human exploitation of other species. info@peta.org M www.peta.org Second Acts 0001269060 Second Acts 2708 Foothill Blvd., Ste. 161 / La Crescenta, CA 91214 P (818)268-3201 A nonprofit fundraising organization that distributes 100% of all donations received to small, volunteer-run animal rescue groups nationwide. SecondActsFoundation@yahoo.com www.secondacts.org The Big Bad Woof (see page 156) Architects/Designers 2 Point Perspective: architecture + interiors 0001161459 www.yurichcreative.com 2 Point Perspective: architecture + interiors 1030 W. Chicago Ave., Ste. 300 / Evergreen Park, IL 60642 P (312)268-1822 A boutique eco-architectural firm operating in Chicago. 2 Point provides architectural and design services that lead to elegant buildings and interiors. info@2PointPerspective.com www.2PointPerspective.com AJ Stones Master Green Remodeler (see page 86) Amacher and Associates, Architects 0000007267 754 Industrial Dr. / Elmhurst, IL 60126 T (800)353-6878 F (630)834-5341 Since 1974, manufacturing air purifiers designed for people with multiple chemical sensitivities (MCS), allergies, and asthma. Tested for performance by independent laboratories. Green products, too! sales@foustco.com www.HealthProtector.com M W R B i www.foustco.com Gaiam, Inc. 0000005938 A LEADER OF THE GREEN BUSINESS NETWORK™ GAIAM, INC. P.O. Box 3095 M i T (800)869-3603 Boulder, CO 80307-3095 "Our extensive assortment of air filters and purifiers will remove virtually anything from bacteria and viruses to dust and odors from any room, large or small. Visit our website or call to receive a free catalog." www.Gaiam.com HealthGoods.com 0000003736 HealthGoods.com 51 Glen St. / Natick, MA 01760 T (888)666-0862 F (603)532-0231 True HEPA-performance air cleaners and indoor-air-quality test kits. Learn how to select an air cleaner and what common air cleaner technologies may be harmful to your health. info@healthgoods.com i Healthy Green Goods 0001049853 Healthy Green Goods Evanston, IL 60201 www.healthgoods.com i Essentials for your healthy home: air filters, water filters, organic bedding, organic mattresses, and solid maple furniture. CuZn, Austin Air, Coyuchi, PureRest, and Pacific Rim. info@HealthyGreenGoods.com www.HealthyGreenGoods.com P (847)864-9098 Skylon Innovations, Inc. 0001024684 Skylon Innovations, Inc. 1304 Oakland Ave. / Greensboro, NC 27403-2744 T (866)900-7360 P (336)273-7360 F (336)235-2191 Provides service and support for living and working in a healthy indoor environment. Does indoor-air-quality testing and air purification. skylon@bellsouth.net B www.skylonservices.com Animal Rights/Welfare The Jane Goodall Institute Jane Goodall Institute 0001086262 Amacher and Associates, Architects 237 Mt. Auburn St / Cambridge, MA 02138 P (617)354-8707 Architectural and urban design. Twenty-five years experience with sustainable practices for human, environmental health; energy and resource efficiency. Residences, mixed-use, multi- family, commercial buildings, site planning, urban design. fran@amacher-associates.net www.amacher-associates.net baer architecture group, inc. 0000007716 baer architecture group, inc. 1133 Broadway, Ste. 708 / New York, NY 10010 P (212)613-3156 F (212)627-8877 Provides master planning and architectural services to a full array of clientele, including educational facilities, residences, corporate offices, and religious institutions. info@baerarchitecture.org B Blackbird Designs 0001238546 Blackbird Designs 1818 Harmon St. / Berkeley, CA 94703-2472 P (510)601-1150 F (510)601-1198 Well-seasoned green architect for residential projects. Small commercial projects welcome. Call for initial consultation ($200). 50% discount for first three callers who mention NGP. andus@berkeleyremodel.com Brennan + Company Architects 0001112062 Brennan + Company Architects 8333 Main St. / Ellicott City, MD 21043 P (410)313-8310 F (410)788-8611 Twenty-one years of beautiful design, grounded in environmentally sustainable practices. "Our experienced staff would love the opportunity to design your next project." rbrennan@brennanarch.com www.brennanarch.com Catalyst Architecture W000235393 Catalyst Architecture 123 E. Goodwin St. / Prescott, AZ 86303 P (928)778-3508 F (928)778-3509 A sustainable architecture firm for commercial, residential, and master planning projects emphasizing Earth-friendly design and caring client relationships. info@catalystarchitecture.com Checa Architects, PC 0001097078 Checa Architects, PC 1830 Connecticut Ave. NW, Ste. 301 / P (202)299-0186 www.baerarchitecture.org H www.berkeleyremodel.com CatalystArchitecture.com B Washington, DC 20009 Partners with clients to create beautiful, conscious, and sustainable design. LEED-accredited professionals in an award- winning firm specializing in homes and buildings that are inspired by the environment and nourishing to the human spirit. lcheca@lorenacheca.com Christopher P. Williams Architects 0000006023 Christopher P. Williams Architects 4245 N. Fairfax Dr., Ste. 600 / Arlington, VA 22203 T (800)592-5263 P (703)682-9220 F (703)682-9312 A global nonprofit that empowers people to make a difference for all living things. roots-shoots@janegoodall.org i www.janegoodall.org P.O. Box 703 / Meredith, NH 03253-0703 P (603)279-6513 F (603)279-5666 Specializes in the design of buildings suited to their environment. Incorporates green building techniques to help safeguard the ecosystem while lowering building costs. info@cpwarchitects.com GREEN BUILDING. GREEN LIVING. COME TOGETHER at GreenAmerica.org 20th Edition of Green America's 2013 National Green Pages® 53 www.lorenacheca.com B www.cpwarchitects.com

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