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Body/Personal Care Gilden Tree 0000003038 Gilden Tree 9203 J St. / Omaha, NE 68127 T (888)445-3368 P (402)339-8825 F (402)339-8826 Wonderful, natural cotton robes, towels, and accessories. Terra- cotta Footscrubber™ and Body Buffer™. Deep-healing foot and body care, kits and gifts, certified organic and paraben-free. info@gildentree.com W i GladRags GladRags 0000002752 215 SE Morrison, #2000-E / Portland, OR 97214 T (800)799-4523 P (503)282-0436 F (503)284-9883 Since 1993, GladRags has empowered women to choose safe, healthy menstrual products. Made to last for years, reusable menstrual pads and cups keep billions of pads and tampons out www.gildentree.com M W i of the landfill. N See Ad on this page. info@gladrags.com Global Balance Co. 0000005625 Global Balance Co. 84 Parker Ave. / Newton, MA 02461 www.gladrags.com M R P (617)527-5639 High-quality, effective, affordable body care, cleaning products, and pet shampoo. "Meets high public health and environmental standards." Full disclosure of ingredients and truth in labeling and advertising. globalbalance@comcast.net globalbalanceproducts.com Golden Path Alchemy LLC W000239217 Golden Path Alchemy LLC 1421 S. Sherbourne Dr. / Los Angeles, CA 90035-3506 P (310)403-5044 M W i "A holistic skin care company that combines botanicals, essential oils, and flower and gem elixirs, transforming your skin from ordinary to extraordinary." essentials@goldenpathalchemy.com goldenpathalchemy.com GOLGI GOLGI 15 Walker Ave. / Lincoln, RI 02865 W000254392 P (401)663-5522 W B H i "The premier, cutting-edge, certified organic, fair labor, vegan- and vegetarian-safe, gluten-free, anti-aging skin care system for a glowing, smooth, healthy complexion." Free shipping on orders totaling $100 or more. golgiproducts@gmail.com Good Clean Love, Inc. 0001112802 Good Clean Love, Inc. 1891 Lincoln St. / Eugene, OR 97401 P (541)344-4483 F (541)685-1335 "Make love organic! Our mission is to increase the quantity and quality of love relationships. We provide organic personal lubricants, all-natural aphrodisiacs, and relationship advice." info@goodcleanlove.com www.goodcleanlove.com www.golgiproducts.com W B i "Wow! I wish my period had always been this easy! No leaks, no odor, no discomfort! I love the fact that with your products I don't have to worry about adding more waste to our already overfull DELUXE PAD KIT landfi lls. The best perk though? No itchy pads or tampons, and no chemicals. I can't wait to tell every woman I know!" - Missy Good Earth Soap 0001144886 Good Earth Soap N2528 Lakeshore Rd. / Kewaunee, WI 54216 P (920)973-7007 F (920)755-3225 Thoughtfully creates a variety of natural handmade soaps, body care products, and soy candles that are blissfully pure and simply natural. tracy@goodearthsoap.com M W i Gourmet Body Treats W000226175 Gourmet Body Treats 575 Willow Ave. / Braunfels, TX 78130 P (210)659-7992 Specializes in producing products using only organic or wildcrafted ingredients. Our products range from chocolate soaps to anti-aging serums, all in recyclable packaging. info@gourmetbodytreats.com www.gourmetbodytreats.com www.goodearthsoap.com W i Grampa's Garden, Inc. 0000007697 P.O. Box 310 / Brunswick, ME 04011-0310 T (877)373-4328 F (207)373-1207 Therapeutic products: hot-cold therapy packs, herbal pillows, massage oils, lip balms, essential oils. Cottage industry supporting American Cancer Society. (800)373-HEAT. New therapeutic pet products. Free shipping on first order. info@grampasgarden.com Grampa's Garden, Inc. M W H i GratefulBody W000216724 1041 Folger Ave. / Berkeley, CA 94710 T (800)600-6806 P (510)848-9292 F (510)848-3333 Radically organic skin care and topical medicinals from Berkeley, formulated with organic, biodynamically grown, and ethically wildcrafted ingredients for genuinely vital, chemical-free dermal nourishment. For 10% off, use code "GREENPAGES" at checkout. skincare@gratefulbody.com GratefulBody www.grampasgarden.com M H i Greenbody Greenplanet W000254415 7101 Hwy. 65 NE, Ste. 101 / Minneapolis, MN 55432 T (888)201-8608 P (612)220-2331 Professional hair care with an eco-attitude. Toxin-free, fragrance- free, alcohol-free, silicone-free, cruelty-free, biodegradable, vegan, and safe! info@greenbodygreenplanet.com www.greenbodygreenplanet.com Greenbody Greenplanet www.gratefulbody.com W i HankyBook W000255155 HankyBook MOON CUP www.gladrags.com WOMAN OWNED & OPERATED SINCE 1993 13400 Danielson St. / Poway, CA 92064 P (858)705-1827 The future of handkerchiefs is here! HankyBook is a 100% organic cotton handkerchief book with soft, absorbent "pages" for comfortable, clean use. Washable, made in USA. leslieuke@hankybook.com W i www.hankybook.com GreenAmerica.org 20th Edition of Green America's 2013 National Green Pages® 65 GOLD CERTIFIED BUSINESS A GREEN AMERICA 10% WITH CODE NGP13 EXPIRES 12/31/13 OFF

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