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1 SPRING 2018 GREEN AMERICAN GREENAMERIC A.ORG INSIDE GROW A VICTORY GARDEN THAT CURBS CLIMATE CHANGE 4 THE BRIGHT FUTURE OF SOLAR POWER 20 4 ECO ACTIONS 10 ACROSS GREEN AMERICA 12 GREEN ECONOMY NEWS 33 LETTERS & ADVICE REAL GREEN LIVING / INVESTING BRANDI COLLINS ON CIVIL RIGHTS AND ECONOMIC JUSTICE 6 GREEN AMERICAN SPRING 2018 ISSUE 111 L I V E B E T T E R . S A V E M O R E . I N V E S T W I S E L Y . M A K E A D I F F E R E N C E . New Green Tech: Promise and Pitfalls T-MOBILE AND AT&T PLEDGE TO GO 100% RENEWABLE 17 courtesy of Solar Roadways Scott and Julie Brusaw, co-founders of Solar Roadways, with their solar-paved parking lot in northern Idaho. The lot boasts solar panels under fire- and shatter-proof tempered glass that's textured for traction, with a heating element to melt snow and ice. The Brusaws say that if the US converted all roads to solar, we'd generate three times the energy the country needs. (See p. 14.) 10

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