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1 SUMMER 2018 GREEN AMERICAN GREENAMERIC A.ORG INSIDE THE EXPLOITED PRISON LABOR BEHIND YOUR GOODS 20 4 ECO ACTIONS 10 ACROSS GREEN AMERICA 12 GREEN ECONOMY NEWS 32 LETTERS & ADVICE REAL GREEN LIVING ANCIENT NATIVE SITES IN DANGER FROM THE BACK 40 MINE 6 GREEN AMERICAN SUMMER 2018 ISSUE 112 L I V E B E T T E R . S A V E M O R E . I N V E S T W I S E L Y . M A K E A D I F F E R E N C E . GREEN AMERICA RELEASES NEW "SKIP THE SLIP" REPORT 10 Hidden Workers Fighting for Change David Bacon INVESTORS FOR COMMON-SENSE GUN SAFETY 17 8 REAL GREEN INVESTING Our economy rests on the backs of workers who are practically invisible, toiling in fields, mines, warehouses, and factories under unspeakable abuses. They're fighting to change the system—and everyone can help. A boy picks strawberries in a crew of Mixtec migrants from Oaxaca. He says he's 18 years old, a claim he's been told to make if a photographer takes his picture.

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